Ultimate in Precision and Hard Milling Solutions

YASDA Precision Tools.  Precision is our middle name.  YASDA is so serious about accuracy that we use only YASDA machines to make YASDA machines.  So that you can expect long term precision and rigidity, YASDA machines include features like robust guide ways mounted onto meticulously hand scraped surfaces.  There is no better way to ensure that every CNC Jig Borer, Precision Center, 5-Axis Precision Center and Micro Center from YASDA meets your exacting standards.

YASDA CNC Jig Borers

The YASDA CNC Jig Borers are known for their high speed/high accuracy machining of small parts including mold and die parts requiring high precision contour machining.  FEATURES & BENEFITS Include: Direct Drive Self-adjusting Spindle Preload; Hardened (HR60) Box Guide Ways; Optical Scale Feed back on X/Y/Z Axis; Symmetrical Bridge Structure; 3 Point Machine Base; Thermal Distortion Stabilization; Curvic Coupling for Pallet Clamping; and more.


Travels: 35.4" x 19.7" x 13.8"

Spindle: 40 Taper, up to 30,000 RPM

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YASDA Precision Centers

The YASDA YBM 7T and 8T precision centers are highly acclaimed by users all over the world for its high precision turn boring performance.  Standard FEATURES & BENEFITS Include: High Speed and High Precision Positioning with Hybrid BOX Guide Ways; Thermal Distortion Stabilizing Systems; High Performance Spindle with Pre-load Self Adjusting System; Direct Drive Spindle; and more.

Basic Specifications:

Travels Up To 59.0" x 47.2" x 43.3"

50 Taper Spindle Up To 18,000 RPM

YASDA 5-Axis Precision Centers

YASDA is improving in its 5-faces indexing application and complex simultaneous 5-axis applications, due to its high rigidity and high accuracy.  This outstanding performance results not only in less setting up, but also in total profitability due to many factors saving machining costs.  Large multi-pallet systems are available for longer unattended machining.  Standard FEATURES & BENEFITS Include: 5 Axis Precision Machining; High Speed Direct Drive Rotary Axis; Curvic Coupling for Pallet Clamping: Optical Scale Feedback for Precise Positioning; and more.

Basic Specifications:

Linear Travels: 34.5" x 29.2" x 27"

B Axis Tilt: 45 degrees -  185 degrees

C Axis Rotary 360 degrees

YASDA Micro Centers

YASDA micro centers are a state-of-the-art high-end machines, which fit the rapidly increasing demands for ultra-precision and high surface quality milling.  All linear controlled axes (X, Y and Z) are driven by high speed linear motors, highly rigid symmetric frame design and a unique thermal distortion stabilizing system which sustains machining accuracy in long cycle time operation.  Standard FEATURES & BENEFITS: XYZ Axis Controlled by High Speed Linear Motors,; Symmetrical H-shaped Column; Ultra Precision Linear Guides; Thermal Distortion Stabilizing System; and more.

Basic Specifications:

Travels up to 23.6" x 19.7" x 11.1"

Spindle: HSK-E32, 40,000 RPM