Several years ago, I had "Happy Holiday Duty" - between Christmas and New Years somebody had to man the office. Since I was low man on the totem pole and didn't know to say "not it" fast enough, I was it. As a distributor of machine tools, most do not want to deal with a salesman this time of the year.

Bored out of my mind, the phone rang. I got excited and answered the phone and was quickly asked "What is a WEE-ler". Not fully understanding what he wanted I asked him to repeat his question. The man on the other end of the phone explained he was hiring and had an applicant apply and said he would only work there if he could run a Weiler Lathe. He informed the applicant he didn't have a Weiler but he needed to find out what Weiler was.

Weiler is a German built CNC flatbed lathe. Designed with the machinist in mind to process the part as he would manually. The machinist sets up and is responsible to run the part complete. Over the years, I have had machinist tell me they don't want to go back to cranking handwheels, some have said it is the best boring lathe they have ever seen. Service shops swear by it threading capabilities. Running quantity of (1) of a complex contour is no longer a problem.

Today, this caller now is an owner of several Weiler lathes
and he quickly turns around quick ship orders of one.