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Tornos history began in 1914 in Switzerland, the heart of high-precision automatic lathes, manufactures and supports the world.

Tornos SwissNano 7

Tornos is a leader in Swiss-Type, sliding headstock, with the SwissNano 4 (4 mm) and SwissNano 7 (7 mm) for small and very high-precision workpieces.

Tornos MultiSpindle Lathes

Tornos offers 6 or 8 spindles for a fast solution that delivers cycle times equal to those of cam-operated multi-spindle turning machines.

Tornos Swiss-type Lathes

Tornos is a pioneer of sliding headstock technology or Swiss-type automatic lathes.  Today, Tornos manufactures CNC sliding headstock automatic turning machines.

  • SwissDECO
  • EvoDECO
  • Swiss GT
  • SwissNano
  • CT 20
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Tornos Multispindle Lathes

MultiSwiss is a revolutionary new line of products that bridges the gap between single-spindle and multispindle lathes.  MultiSwiss is equipped with 6 or 8 sliding headstock spindles that use torque motor technology for barrel indexing.  Its ultra-high speed makes it possible to achieve near cam driven multispindle cycle times.

  • MultiSwiss 6x16
  • MultiSwiss 8x26
  • MultiSwiss 6x32
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