Nakamura-Tome is the premier multi-tasking turning center manufacturer, offering twin opposing spindles, 1, 2, 3 or 4 turrets, and/or ATC machines with B axis.  From raw stock to complete parts in one setup, Nakamura-Tome multi-tasking machines can reduce cycle and setup times and give you a better finished part.

Watch the video of the different models offered by Nakamura-Tome to fit your application.

Multitasking with Tool Changer


The Nakamura-Tome Super Multitasking Machines with Automatic Tool changers and B Axis

Multitasking with ATC

The flexibility of ATC and a B Axis give these models flexibility and performance with their twin spindles and various options to meet your application.  Models: Super NTRX-300/NTRX-300L, STW-40/STS-40, Super NTX, Super NTJX, Super NTMX/NTMXL

Multitasking with Four Turrets


Multitasking with Four Turrets

Nakamura-Tome's four turret machine is the ultimate in production.  All four tools can be in cut at the same time. Model WTW-150

Multitasking with Two Turrets

Multitasking with Two Turrets

Opposed two-spindle, two independant turrets
Two 12-Station turrets with 1/2 index capability (48 Tools total)
24 Milling tool stations
Optional Y-axis on upper turret or both turrets
6000 rpm milling speed (Upper / Lower)
7.5HP C-Axis milling capable

Models: WY Series and WT Series

Turret Type Multitasking with B Axis


Nakamura-Tome's unique design with upper turret on a B axis, providing both speed and flexibility

Multitasking with B Axis

Nakamura-Tome's unique design of the upper turret with a B axis provides the speed of a turret machine and flexibility with the B axis.  Offered with twin opposing spindles and Y axis.  Model NTJ-100

Multitasking with Three Turrets

Multitasking with Three Turrets

Nakamura-Tome provides a three turret machine with twin opposing spindles.  The two upper turrets are dedicated to the left and right spindles, respectively.  The lower turret can "free lance" to either spindle as needed. Models: WTS-150, NTY3-100, NTY3-150, NTY3-250

Single Spindle / Single Turret


Basic Specs

Single Spindle, Single Turret

Long bed version, live tooling, Y-axis, sub-spindle available

Models: SC Series, AS Series