Installing the first Weiler lathe has always been more difficult than the second or more. After our third installation at a local shop, I did my customary follow up but this time I happened to have the owner of Weiler with me. Thinking this would be like visits in the past, this time it was anything customary.

It started out as usual, the customer was happy with the recent install. When the subject turned to the machinist running the new machine the conversation strayed. I was informed the machinist had suffered a physical handicap prior to running the new Weiler. There were some serious questions as to how long the he could continue working in the shop by both the machinist and management.

After several days of familiarization of the new machine a light went off in his head similar to what we have seen in the past. The difference this time was the realization of an added use of his machinist skills and not more back breaking labor. The machinist was now a happy employee and looked forward to going to work everyday. A happy employee with a great attitude made for a very successful installation from the company's perspective as well as from Koch Machine Tool's perspective.

While walking out, the owner of Weiler recommended this is a story that needs to be told.