Weiler Lathes

Weiler E-30

The E-30 is a precision tool room lathe with automatic cycles.  
The perfect lathe for small batch production, on small, high precision machined parts.


Swing over bed, 13”
Swing over cross slide 6.3”
Spindle max 4,500 RPM
Spindle Drive 15 HP
Spindle Bore 1.65”

Weiler E-50

The E-50 is the perfect lathe with power and precision to perform a wide range of work


Swing over bed, 22”
Swing over cross slide 13.3”
Distancee between centers 78”
Spindle max 2,500 RPM
Spindle Drive 25 HP
Spindle Bore 3.25”  & 6.5”

Weiler E-70/80

The massive machine rightfully conveys the feeling of solid performance.  With a spindle bore up to 8.5”, this machine can handle the rigorous needs of the oil tool industry.


Swing over bed, 28” or 31.5”
Swing over cross slide 16.9” or 20”
Distance between centers 177”
Spindle max 1,800 RPM
Spindle Drive 50 HP
Spindle Bore up to 8.5”

Weiler E-90/110/120

These cycle controlled lathes are the super heavyweights.  With spindle bores up to 14.25”, these machines can handle parts up to 22,000 lbs & 472” long


Swing over bed, 35” / 43” / 47”
Swing over cross slide 20” / 28” / 32”
Distance between centers 472”
Spindle max 1,120 RPM
Spindle Drive 60 HP
Spindle Bore up to 14.75”

Weiler E-150/175

The absolute top of the class of heavy weights.  These models of the E-Series are even bigger, heaver, and more stable.


Swing over bed, 59” / 68”
Swing over cross slide, 40” / 50”
Distance between centers 472”
Spindle max 900 RPM
Spindle Drive 87 HP
Spindle Bore up to 22”

Weiler V-90 / 110

The V-Series was developed with 4 ways for the economic machining of long work pieces, that allows the slide to pass the steady rest & tail stock.


Swing over bed, 37” / 45”
Distance between centers 118” /  472”
Spindle max 900 RPM
Spindle Drive 87 HP
Spindle Bore up to 14.25
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