Fuji Lathes with Automation

Fuji ANS-series

Create a pass through system by integrating this modular single spindle machine with a Fuji turning, milling or cutoff lathe, and increase throughput.
Built-in L290H Fuji swing arm robot
Hardened and ground box way construction
90º bed for excellent chip flow
Machines a work piece front and back with turning, facing, threading, grooving and boring in a single set-up unmanned
FANUC 0i-TD Control

ANS3100 ANS4000 ANS4200
Recommd. Work(mm) 200x90 300x120 400
Max RPM 3500 3000 3000
Turret Stations 8 12 12
Chuck size (in) 8 10 10
Robot Cap (kg) 5+5 10+10 10+10

Fuji ANW-series

Machine a work piece front and back with turning, facing, threading, grooving and boring in a single set-up, unmanned.
Built-in FUJI L291H swing arm robot
Dual spindles for front and back machining
Increase productivity by performing interrupted and finish cuts simultaneously
Hardened and ground box way construction
90º bed for excellent chip flow
Auxiliary loader for faster load/unload
FANUC 0i-TD Control

ANW300 ANW3500 ANW4100 ANW5000
Recommd. Work(mm) 100x200 100x250 120x 150x
Max RPM 4000 3500 3000 2000
Turret Stations 8 8 12 10
Spindle Kw 11/15 15/18.5 18.5/22 37/45
Robot Cap (kg) 5+5 7+7 10+10 40


Increase profits while decreasing machine floor space with the VN-40T with built-in automation and small footprint. Handles large and heavy parts with ease, up to 16" in diameter.
Choice of built-in FUJI L450 single or L451 double hand robot
Rigid 12-position turret with precise curvic coupling for accuracy
Small footprint of 55" x 81"
FANUC 18i-TA Control

VN-40T VN-40P VN-50T VTP-1000
Recommd. Work(mm) 120 120 150 1000x450
Max RPM 1800 1500 2000 450
Turret Stations 12 12 8 ATC-12
Spindle Kw 18 15/18.5 45/37 37/45
Robot Cap (kg) 30 N.A. 100 N.A.

Fuji FS4-series

Achieve the fastest high-volume automation in its class with 2.5 seconds load/unload time.
Built-in high speed FUJI L35-08H loader
Incredibly accurate box way machine with gang style tooling reducing
chip-to-chip time by 50%
Easy access pull-up doors
Choice of cup/pin type or air chuck loader
Touch screen control
Compact size of 43" x 66"
Fanuc 21i-TB

FS4-3100 FS4-3200 FS4-3400 FS4-3500
Recommd. Work(mm) 100x60 55x60 130x35 150x40
Max RPM 4000 4000 4000 4000
Chuck Size (in) 8 8 8 8
Spindle Kw 7.5/11 7.5/11 7.5/11 7.5/11
Robot Cap (kg) 2+2 .5+.5 2+2 3+3


Modular machine with 1 spindle, 1 turret and gantry robot.
Suitable for Line Integration
Easy Set-up from Power-on to Production
High-Speed Indexing Turret
Shaft Works Available with Tailstock
High Rigidity Slide
Gantry Loader with Double Action Mechanism
Optional Auxiliary Loader
8 - 10” Chucks
Box Ways
C-Axis Control of Both Spindles
FANUC 0i-TD Control

TN-300 TN-400
Recommd. Work(mm) 200x80 300x120
Max RPM 4000 2200
Turret Stations 10 12
Chuck Size (in) 8-10 10
Spindle Kw 7.5/11 11/15
Robot Cap (kg) 5+5 5+5 / 10+10


The CS Series of two spindle CNC lathes feature both Z- and X-axis box way slides for heavy cutting, superior surface finish and longer tool life. This series is equipped with Fuji-engineered hydraulic clamping gantry robot loaders to maintain tight tolerances.
FANUC 0i-TD Control


CSD-200 CSD-300 CSD-300R CSD-400
Recommd. Work(mm) 120x60 200x100 200x100 300x150
Max RPM 4000 3630 3630 2200
Turret Stations 6-8 8-10 8-10 10-12
Spindle Kw 7.5/11 11/15 15/20 15/18.5
Robot Cap (kg) 8+8 10+10 10+10 12+12


The TNW Series 6-Axis Twin with integrated gantry loader is expertly engineered to complete turning, milling, drilling and tapping operations - all on one machine. Materials introduced in the raw state, is output as a completely finished part. The TNW is loaded with a range of advanced capabilities and features s for exceptional productivity.
FANUC control

TNW-3000 TN-4000
Recommd. Work(mm) 100 120
Max RPM 3100 2200
Turret Stations 10 12
Robot Cap (kg) 5+5 10+10


The GN Series features a highly efficient 2-saddle turret and is designed for shaft work.

Recommd. Work(mm) 100x600
Max RPM 3500
Turret Stations 8 x 2
Chuck Size (in) 8
Spindle Kw 11/15
Robot Cap (kg) 5+5


The GEN-400 Series provides spherical and thrust face machining with a single clamping. This is specific to applications for automotive/construction/agriculture differential housings. The incorporation of a pin arbor chuck eliminates special clamping fixtures.

Recommd. Work(mm) 215x220
Max RPM 2200
Turret Stations 10
Spindle Kw 11/15

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