CorreaAnayak Milling Machines

Performer MG

The new PERFORMER bed-type milling machine has been developed for machining small-sized parts (from 2000 to 2500mm). Moreover, its optional 1200mm cross travel feature increases its capacity in comparison with other machines of similar characteristics. Similarly, the possibility of incorporating multiple accessories makes this machine versatile and suitable for any number of jobs.


Table (mm) 2,200 x 850 / 2,700 x 850
Load (kg) 5,000 / 6,000
Travels (mm) X/Y/Z    2,000-2,500 / 1,000-1,200 / 1,100
Spindle ISO 50, Max RPM 3,000-6,000, max power 30kw
Machine Weight (kg) 15,000 / 18,000

FP50 Bridegmill

Based on the concept of reliability, the model FP adds to the typical characteristics of the bridge design an exceptional strength and versatility thanks to its over-sized structure, hardened and ground slideways and numerous optional features available. The result is an homogeneous machine that ensures rigidity, damping capacity and accuracy.


Table (mm) 5,000 x 2,000 / 6,000 x 2,500 / 8,000 x 2,500
Load (kg) 25,000  / 30,000  / 35,000
Travels (mm) X/Y/Z    5,000-6,000-8,000 / 3,250-3,800 / 1,000-1,200-,1500
Spindle ISO 50-BT-50, Max RPM 3,000-6,000, max power (kw) 37-46
Machine Weight (kg) 56,000 / 72,000 / 79,000

Gantry Milling Machine

The FPM model combines the specific characteristics of the gantry type with an extraordinary ruggedness, a great versatility and a high precision in machining medium and large-sized parts. Thanks to its travelling gantry architecture and the wide choice of milling heads available as well as optional accessories, this machine provides an extreme versatility and efficiency necessary to cover a wide range of applications.


Table (mm) 2,000-2,500-3,000
Load (kg) 15,000
Travels (mm) X/Y/Z   10,000 / 3,250-3,800-4,500 / 2,700-3,500-4,500
Spindle ISO 50, Max RPM 3,000-5,000, max power (Kw) 30

High Performance Gantry-Pantera

After years of experience in manufacturing bridge type milling machines, Nicolás Correa now launches the Pantera model, which with its gantry architecture is perfectly suited to long travel machining applications guaranteeing a high dynamic performance and an excellent versatility thanks to the variety of available accessories


Table (mm) 4,000-16,000 x 2,500-3,000-3,500
Load (kg) 15,000
Travels (mm) X/Y/Z   3,800-10,000 / 3,000-3,500-4,000-4,500 / 1,250-1,500-2,000
Spindle ISO 50, Max RPM 6,000, max power (Kw) 46
Machine Weight (kg) 60,000-137,000

HVM Travelling Column

The HVM floor-type milling machine with fixed table has been designed for machining medium and large-sized parts up to 20,000mm in length. Moreover, its T-shaped configuration allows it to have cross travels of up to 2000mm, which combines with an oversized bed incorporating four wide linear guides to provide this machine with maximum rigidity and accuracy.


Table (mm) 3,400 x 1,000 – 20,000 x 3,000
Load (kg) 15,000
Travels (mm) X/Y/Z    2,700-20,000 / 1,000-2,000 / 1,500-3000
Spindle ISO 50, Max RPM 3,000-6,000, max power (Kw) 30-37


The VH-PLUS fixed bed-type milling machine is designed for machining medium-sized parts, from 2000 to 4000mm. Moreover, its T-shaped configuration allows it to have cross travels of up to 2500mm. In addition to excellent versatility, it offers high dynamic performances, at a very competitive price and supported by the quality, reliability and experience of Nicolás Correa.


Table (mm) 2,200 x 1,000 / 3,200 x 1,100 / 4,200 x 1,100
Load (kg) 6,000 / 8,000 / 10,000
Travels (mm) X/Y/Z    2,000-3,000-4,000 / 1,200-1,500-1,700-2,000-2,500 / 1,000-1,300-1,500-1,800-2,000
Spindle ISO 50, Max RPM 4,000-8,000, max power (Kw) 30
Machine Weight (kg) 20,000 / 23,000 / 27,000
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